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Game of the Year *

What is your choice for Game of The Year?

Best Narrative *

Which was the game with the best narrative in 2016?

Best Action/Adventure *

Which is the most action packed adventure game you played in 2016?

Best Shooter *

Which Shooter game kept you coming back in the year 2016?

Best RPG *

Which RPG was the Roleplayiest of the all?

Best Multiplayer *

Which game turned you into a salt dispensing(or receiving) machine?

Best Indie Game Title *

Not having an AAA budget doesn't mean the game can't be awesome. Which was the most awesome one to you?

Most Inovative Game *

What was the game that had the most innovation?

Best Mod *

Which was the best mod for a game you played (not limited to Bethesda games)?

Most Anticipated Game in 2017 *

Which game are you most looking forward to in 2017?

Developer of the Year *

Which developer was the best this year? Or rather which developer was the lesser of all evils?

Disappointment of the Year *

What was the biggest letdown of 2016?

Godfather Pete's award for Best Marketing/PR *

Which Company/Person did the best PR/Marketing stunts in the year 2016?

Favorite Bethesda oriented YouTube personality *

The Bethesda oriented YouTuber that you liked the most in the year 2016?

Best Moment in a Game *

The moment that made you really think about the game, the moment you remember the most in 2016?

Best Protagonist *

Which was the protagonist that made you wanna be him/her the most?

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